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Darmah Computer Services was formed on 6th April 1996 as a charitable organization, helping local clubs and societies in the central Hertfordshire area with their computing needs and called upon the services of volunteers to help with the workload. As time went on, the demands on the company grew more diverse and complex. The volunteers were replaced with freelance consultants, who in turn were gradually converted to in-house staff. Web development was added into the mix in 2000 and soon afterwards database creation was dropped from the range of services offered. Back in the 1990's Darmah were working on both PC and Amiga platforms, but the demise of the Amiga automatically shaped the future for the company.

Darmah Computer Services gradually phased out the charitable arm of their business after corporate commissions were taken on in the early 2000s. By 2007 the charity work had ceased completely as the company were growing at a steady rate and chargeable work was steadily filling the schedule.

Today Darmah Computer Services have a wide spectrum of services available including website design and development, desktop publishing of virtually any paper project that could ever be needed, Sage 50 reportdesigning, training on Microsoft applications and computer software repairs.

Simply because the project you are looking to undertake is not mentioned on this website does not mean to say that Darmah Computer Services cannot accomplish it for you. Darmah Computer Services are a very approachable company, so feel free to ask them anything about your project.

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